Summer Transit Network

The Problem: Even as the city aspires to expand the number of tourists it attracts, Louisville lacks a transit option that links the Airport, the Fairgrounds, Downtown, Waterfront Park, and the city’s most high profile tourist destinations. Visitors are dependent on rental cars and rideshare services to access amenities, diminishing the tourist experience and vibrancy of the city.

The Proposal: Two high-frequency bus lines that connect to the city’s primary tourist attractions during a six-month period from April to September.

Key Features:

  • Two routes: the Fourth Street Line and the Main/Market Loop
  • A multi-stop shuttle service around the Fairgrounds that can be “activated” for events
  • Connection/transfer point at the Convention Center
  • 10-15 minute headways (4-6 buses per hour)
  • Expanded hours of operation (16 hours per day)
  • Optimized distance between stops (0.2 – 0.5 miles)
  • Connected areas: Waterfront Park, Downtown, NuLu, Butchertown, Old Louisville, UofL, the Fairgrounds
  • Key destinations: Convention Center, Lynn Family Soccer Stadium, Big Four Bridge, Slugger Field, YUM! Center, Center for the Performing Arts, Ali Center, Science Center, Slugger Museum, Central Park, Speed Art Museum, Churchill Downs, Cardinal Football Stadium, Kentucky Kingdom, Airport
  • An six-month “season” for the service during the city’s high tourism summer months