Greater Highlands Mobility Network

The Proposal: a network of 8 two-way protected mobility lanes connecting the Highlands and adjacent neighborhoods, along with a Cherokee Greenway for improved access into Cherokee Park.

The Vision: Easy, convenient routes to access amenities across the Highlands, with direct connections to Cherokee and smaller neighborhood parks. Safe and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The Proposed Routes:

  1. Barret 1.0 :: Rufer Ave to Castlewood Ave (completed 2019)
  2. Castlewood :: Barret Ave to Tyler Park (completed 2019)
  3. Norris/Douglass :: Eastern Pkwy to Bardstown Rd
  4. Ellison :: Spratt St to Barret Ave
  5. Spring :: Woodford Pl to Bonnycastle Ave
  6. Barret 2.0 :: Rufer Ave to Rubel Ave
  7. Lexington 2.0 :: Payne St to Etley Ave
  8. (a) Lexington 3.0 or (b) Payne :: Rubel/Barret to Lexington/Payne
The Greater Highlands Mobility Network (click to view interactive map).

Where We Stand Today:

  • Barret 1.0 and Castlewood were implemented in Summer 2019, after a proposal from S4P in 2015.
  • S4P is currently in discussions with Louisville Metro Government regarding Norris/Douglass and Ellison.
    • In May 2022, S4P distributed a public survey and held a public meeting on the Norris/Douglass proposal.
    • S4P is planning a similar engagement process for Ellison in Summer 2022.
  • S4P introduced the Greater Highlands Mobility Network in June 2022. This proposal includes four additional mobility lanes (Barret 2.0, Spring, Lexington 2.0, and Lexington 3.0/Payne) and the Cherokee Greenway.