Norris-Douglass – Public Comments

Here’s what folks are saying about the two-way protected bike lane we’re proposing for Norris Place and Douglass Boulevard in the Highlands. Take the public survey here if you haven’t already.

Providing infrastructure like this will make everyone’s lives better. Our city should embrace this type of thing.

I’m all for the bike lane. People worry about parking, but they will adjust and a safer bike lane for kids and college students going to school will be great.

-Belknap resident

We really need more protected bike lanes in our city. This is great!

-Deer Park resident

Since Bardstown Rd can’t accommodate a protected bike lane, bikes lanes on other streets like Norris are needed. Great plan!

-Bonnycastle resident

It would also help with my middle schooler riding his bike to Highland. Right now I have him ride on the sidewalk as it is unsafe on the road. It would serve all families with children at Highland to have a protected bike lane

-Deer Park resident

This is very much needed. I have given up riding my bike on Norris due to the bad behavior of drivers.

-Upper Highlands resident

I LOVE the two-way protected bike + scooter lane on Castlewood Ave near Tyler Park. I welcome the proposed lane on Douglas and Norris, and hope it one days makes up a complete network of lanes running on major streets so that you can get places conveniently and safely by bike.

-Deer Park resident

Protected bike lanes encourage more bike commuting which supports healthier citizens and cleaner air and less car traffic and parking needs!

-Schnitzelburg resident